The Old meets the New

Oklahoma City, where the old meets the new metropolitan cityscape. We are steeped in tradition and rarely move too quickly to change here. This photograph of partial skyline shows the vast difference in architectural design. The new downtown buildings are a stark contrast to their brick and mortar neighbors. I enjoy the beauty of the stone work and brick designs in the older buildings. We rarely see this in modern architecture. I am glad the many of these are being reworked rather than torn down and replaced.

Devon Tower to the south over shadows the rest of Oklahoma City these days. With it’s predominantly steel and glass structure and geometry that is the “shape of things to come” apparently.

I like the contrast. We as Oklahomans, are set in our ways for the most part. Change seems to rub us the wrong way most of the time. I personally applaud the efforts of renovating the downtown areas and look forward to what happens there next.

We have done a great deal in our city to make it a welcome place for visitors and residents alike. New freeways and a variety of businesses make for a more accommodating urban environment than we’ve had in the past. More and more of our heritage seems to be relegated to museums and libraries, as it should be. But, it is equally celebrated throughout the year locally.

And so we look to the future and the task of moving on, though slow, is set into motion.


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