This minute detail on a bridge over the Bricktown Canal says J Loves K. Hopefully in days not yet come, 2 people will come back to still find it here. A meaningful momento of younger and more carefree times in their lives. I imagine them with 3 kids all grown and gone. Gray-haired and moving slowly along the waterfront to see if this is still here. Long after I bore witness to it here. Finding it faded, paint chipped and the renewed thrill of knowing that it lasted as long as they did. I wonder if they’ll keep the key?

Belonging to a place lost in time after so many years of being on the road can be comforting, even if just for a brief time.  I brief moment of belonging can bring comfort and a sense of cohesiveness to us in moments like the one I imagine. Longevity is the one truly unifying factor in any relationship. Even if it is just a 99 cent piece of hardware tied to a structure in the middle of Bricktown. Whatever dreams these people have, I wish them well.

J Loves K

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