A shot of a blue sky reflection from a Pheonix Az. Plaza building in May.

I was actually asked to leave the premises after taking this photo. An overzealous security guard, that is bored on a sunny day can be an interesting adversary. The best thing to do is to show some respect usually. I showed him this photo and even offered to delete it if it was a problem, but he said it was fine and just to leave the property so I did. People are best handled with courtesy and respect, and you can defuse just about anyone’s attitude most days. Since he allowed me to keep the image, I decided to post it and write a bit about the experience.

I like this composition, and it was tough to take with the security guard and his linebacker protege coming up from behind. Sometimes grace under pressure will accomplish more than standing your ground. Especially if you apparently are not supposed to be where you are at the moment. I always try to be forthcoming as I can be when confronted by others that assume they are in the right. Even if they are not. I feel that in these situations it is better to show a bit of kindness than to be confrontational back.

This turned out to be a government building so, I am probably better off than I would have been had I argued with the guards at the time.

Blue Sky Reflection

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