After all the traveling I have done over the years, I realized you don’t have to go far to find interesting subjects like this baby gator macro, shot in OKC. I shoot many local businesses in Oklahoma City and I took this image at Alligator Alley this past week. This little guy watched every move I made through the glass. There are also some adults out behind the store as well. You can get with ten feet of them if you can stand the mosquitoes while you take pictures. These creatures are respectable even from that distance though. If they got out you couldn’t outrun them even if you wanted too. (I am guessing most of us would want to). They can hit speeds of 35 MPH in short bursts, and the average human runs about 7 MPH. Do the math.

This was a fun Shoot overall and I rarely get to take portraits of exotic wildlife. I have a few other reptiles I plan to be posting soon as well. The reflection in the water made this image in my opinion. The RF 35mm lens was a great choice for this shot.


Baby Gator Macro

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