I took this image of the famed Rio Puerco bridge which is about 20 miles west of Albuquerque. I shot this on my way back from a recent trip to Scottsdale Arizona. I am always up for the random photo opportunity. This bridge is well-preserved and is a favorite local spot for portrait, graduation and engagement photos. I always seem to be drawn to the old and rusty things in the world. It makes me feel grounded that these relics still exist. The angle is a natural perspective for a structure with such a tall section on top of it. The length of the bridge fills in the background nicely as well. I see these sorts of compositions frequently. I always like to stop and a least check them out as time allows. Most of my travel photography is random areas such as this that I find in my travels.

I shot this with the EOS R and 24-105 lens @ 30mm or thereabouts. I took several other photos of this location, but this is my favorite one. The backdrop is dark and contrasty and lends to the overall look of this composition.

Rio Puerco Bridge

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