As built work was the crux of my workflow most of my career. Generally it starts out as a PDF file of someone’s building design and turns into a 3D model of that design. It can be a simple shell with basic assets like furniture and wall coverings to express to interior design or a complicated project, detailing out every structural member to the slightest detail. It always depends on the needs of the client and whether they want to use the media for presentation purposes or actually building documentation. It can be incorporated with video as well as conceptual drawings and/or CAD drawings.

It is useful for scheduling and design, as well as keeping me organized as to the progress on my own projects. This page will get updated soon. Since most of the content is owned by my clients rather than myself, I can’t always post here and the timeliness of the content will not always be relevant to what I am doing at any given time. It is random and subject to contractual restrictions.

Most of what I can show is streamed for the most part so this may end up as a past broadcast type of page as we go.


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