Dark handlebar portrait was taken in Santa Fe NM along a downtown street near the artists’ district. It is an interesting place full of life and is typically too Southwestern in decor for my taste. I like The theme in general but, there is little diversity in the architecture or decoration in the area in my opinion. My visit was overshadowed by low clouds and a coming storm as well, and so the lighting was difficult to work with for such a colorful place. The dull and understated look of the adobe structures has seemed to have lost an aesthetically pleasing appeal on this drab day in May.

Regardless, It seems like these little niche communities still flourish as tourist attractions, emphasizing the native American culture and lifestyle of the past. I enjoy a bit of history, but it just seems overdone to me from town to town. I am very much looking forward to the more modern architecture of Scottsdale and Pheonix in the days to come. Perhaps this sunny weather will be good for the trip photos as I expect it to be better than this day as I go this week.

Dark Handlebar Portrait

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