Lonely Door in the Middle of Everyday Life

Lonely Door in the middle of everyday life. This is a scene that I driven past many times yet failed to see. A perfect example of the everyday things in life that await our glance. I happened to look to my right passing this and turned around just to photograph it. I seems  moving and yet distant. I see in this a time long past, and still open to exploration.

I shot this with the EOS R with a 24-105 lens at F4 I just drove by, and there is was. Like so may other things in life we miss everyday. I hope that this image is not sad for you. I like the simplicity of it. I see in this Photo, the crafting of the  casework and the amount of care that went into it’s creation initially. It is old, weathered and lost to time in it’s current state and yet still relevant. The way in and yet still the way of things left to the elements.

Lonely Door


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