Cameraman in a Fountain

A quiet Sunday in the city, I happened upon, a cameraman in a fountain. Not a Haiku. I met another photographer on a random Sunday night in downtown OKC. I really love how light can be played with in night photography. It adds a level of creative challenge to your composition that everything effects. Angle, notion, temperature and even people around you all add or subtract from that challenge. In this example it was actually the loudness from the water that made this a bit challenging, because I could not talk to the subject. The fact that I had only met him 2 minutes prior to posing for this shot, made it a bit awkward as well. Street photography can kick you smooth out of your comfort zone at times.

Colors in the fountain increase the difficulty of producing a sharp image, because they are the same hues as you find in chromatic aberration. The reflections in this photograph create a natural aberration due to this, even though this was taken at night.

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