Fly Away Home

Lady Bug, Lady Bug, Fly Away Home. It’s a little early in the season for Lady Bugs, so this Seagull will have to do. This was a shot from Lake Hefner last week. The feather structure is apparent in the back and wings. These shallow depth of field shots can be tricky and I attribute luck to them as much as anything else. This image was shot with the Canon T6 and a Sigma 150-500mm F5 @ F6.3 and a 1/1250 SS. There is a slight color grade on the blues in the water but that is about it.

I shoot a bit of wildlife personally, but not professional, obviously. I prefer still life to moving targets but, you can learn a lot about your equipment if it is used in different environments or under varying circumstances. Lighting situations change constantly in natural settings, and it is often difficult to get an image as clear as this without a high shutter speed.

I use this with the T6 as it will not sync the focus properly with the EOS R yet. And manual focus is tough on a moving subject, to say the least. The background is a bit busy to suit me, but this darn bird just won’t follow direction like it should. I guess I’ll have to speak to it later to eke out a little cooperation.

I enjoy the color separation of fly away home between the wings and the water in the background. If this had been taken over land, say, with the same reeds behind the subject, the difference would not be as noticeable and the image would likely be ruined as the colors merged together. I hope you enjoy!

Fly Away Home

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