I planned this shot of Nightscape Bridge Over Devon for a long while. I have always noticed that every image has Devon Tower framed between the legs of the Skydance Bridge. The Bridge faces the tower when you are walking on it, so it is a natural frame for it. This night had some very low cloud cover and the tower actually lights the clouds surrounding it. A very cool look. I wanted to get a different angle from the norm, so I found a location that made this shot possible.

I wanted a unique perspective that I had not seen before from other photographers. Many of my images are of everyday views that most people miss in their day to day lives. I spent 40 years in construction running some very challenging and fulfilling projects that left me with a keen I for angles and perspective. Nowadays I use that talent to create some very unique and interesting images that capture what I see as out of the ordinary, though well within the realm of the everyday.

The colors on the bridge are ever changing and it took some patience to get the pattern down then wait for it to phase into the colors that I wanted, but worth the effort from my point of view.

Nightscape Bridge Over Devon

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