Flood Gate Machinery Gears

Flood gate machinery gears from the Lake Overholser drain lock in Oklahoma City. I like the flood gate machinery gears due the angle and framing within the equipment itself. Shots like these flood gate machinery gears are indicative of what I normally enjoy shooting. Finding ways to shoot these angles can be tricky and sometimes relatively difficult. Working with the world around us is often tougher than just snapping a few shots and picking the best one.

I rarely take more than one shot at a time of a subject unless it is from a considerably different angle. Most of the time I am just looking for a new way to look at the same old things.


This was shot with EOS R with the kit 24-105 lens at 105 mm F4 and ISO 180. I am really loving this lens. It is easily one of  the best all-round lens I have shot with.

I have added a new category called Perspective Photography. I think my overall style reflects perspective angles over straight shots.


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