This used to be a road and bridge, but now it is the road less traveled that runs from Point Comfort Tx. to Port Lavaca Tx. Sometime in the past, the fickleness of the sea rose up and swallowed it so, TDOT decided that it made a better breakwater than a road. The road was built over a bed of seashells spanning the length of the roadway up to the bridge itself. Time has claimed and remade the bridge. This is the old section of 35N that actually runs East to West across South Texas. I drove past this road less traveled many times before I finally stopped and took photos here. It was one of my first real galleries on this site.

I love these sorts of images that seem to be from the past. I have found many of them in my travels and have sadly seldom had time to document them. I pay a lot more attention to these areas today.

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