The Past Comes to Visit

Yesterday was an interesting day where the past comes to visit. I ventured out into several areas of OKC that I drive by most days but fail to see everything that is there. I took these photos in the gallery from an old antique store that was abandoned on Western Ave. in Oklahoma City. It looks to have been left to the weather long ago. I am reminded of all the abandoned places from route 66 on my recent trip by west. I love these types of glimpses into our American culture and History.

I shot all of this on the EOS R. I used the 24-105 lens mostly at F4.0. I used f5.6 and 7.1 on a few shots as well. I really like when the past comes to visit in my life for the nostalgia that it brings, and the knowledge that these scenes will soon be things of the past. As I document what will be long gone when I am, It pleases me to know they will be a part of what the world remembers just because I visited them. Stucky’s FTW!

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